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Harmony Goats

Lamancha, Saanen, and Experimental Dairy Goats
 DHIR, LA, and Show,  CAE Negative

Welcome to Harmony Goats farm. We raise quality Lamancha, Grade, Alpine, and Saanen dairy goats. We are located in Northern Arkansas. We first got into dairy goats in 2002 with an Alpine and soon added in a Lamancha grade. Our herd is CAE negative and has never had abscesses. We have been on continual DHIR testing since 2006-2016 and will be restarting in 2020. Our lamanchas and most of the grades are dairy, wide, have extreme body capacity and depth, and a will to milk. We do offer discounts for 4-H/FFA, herds that do linear appraisal, DHIR, and multiple purchases.

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Nancy Shirley, Silvia LeCompte, and Adelyn Wenneberg

2013 Top Ten

2*M SGCH Harmony Goats Brown Sugar #1 milk, #1 for butterfat and Protein
1*M SGCH Harmony Goats Turquoise #9 for milk and #6 for butterfat
2*M Harmony Goats Sweet Freya #5 milk, #10 butterfat, and #10 for protein
5*M Harmony Goats Lainey #4 milk, #1 butterfat, #2 protein
5*M Harmony Goats Liesel #5 butterfat (reference)
1*M Harmony Goats Autumn #9 for butterfat
3*M Harmony Goats Cora #1 milk, butterfat, and Protein
4*M Harmony Goats Ace of Spades  #3 milk, #2 butterfat and protein
1*M SG Snell's Angels English Ivy #8 butterfat
1*M Snell's Angels Passion Flower #9 butterfat

2019 AR State Fair premier Lamancha breeder

2012-2014 AR State Fair premier Lamancha Exhibitor and Breeder

2011 AR State Fair Lamancha Premier Exhibitor

2010-2014 AR state Fair Premier Exhibitor and Breeder for Grades

2011 AR State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show.

Harmony Goats KG Bootalicious

2010 AR State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show. Rockin-CB RZEE Amber