"May the sweet melody ring into your heart"

Harmony Goats

Lamancha, Saanen, and Experimental Dairy Goats
 DHIR, LA, and Show,  CAE Negative

Vinnie throws dairy kids, but they can sometimes be on the chunky side. They also have nice udders.

Offsprings in the herd.
4*M Harmony Goats Ace of Spades    
Harmony Goats Gabby
Harmony Goats Venezuela
Harmony Goats Sweet Evangelene
Harmony Goats CV Hey U

*B Coso Farms RCBY Vernon     AL1471474    3-4-2009
Sire: *B Rockin-CB Fire Yankee    83   +EA
       Sire's Sire: ++*B SGCH Winterwood's Z Firestorm    88 VEV
       Sire's Dam: 1*M SGCH Rockin-CB QP Roman Design   92 EEEE
Dam: 1*M Kirwan's Tarrant Velvet    88 ++VE
        Dam's Sire: *B Willow Run Botticelli Tarrant
        Dam's Dam: Kirwan's Pierre No Nonsence

2011 Top Ten

2*M SGCH Harmony Goats Brown Sugar 3rd for Butterfat and 5th for Protein
1*M SGCH Harmony Goats Peaches n' Cream 1st for Milk, Butterfat, and Protein
3*M Harmony Goats Cora 4th Milk, 3rd Butterfat, and 5th for Protein
3*M GCH Harmony Goats Carmen 5th for Milk and 4th for Butterfat
4*M GCH Mt. Pleasure Lily-Copter 9th for Butterfat and 6th for Protein

2012 AR State Fair premier Lamancha Exhibitor and Breeder

2011 AR State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show. Harmony Goats KG Bootalicious

2010 AR State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show. Rockin-CB RZEE Amber

2010-2012 AR state Fair Premier Exhibitor and Breeder for Grades

2011 AR State Fair Lamancha Premier Exhibitor