"May the sweet melody ring into your heart"

Harmony Goats

Lamancha, Saanen, and Experimental Dairy Goats
 DHIR, LA, and Show,  CAE Negative

(American) Saanen Junior Does

Grand saanen Jr doe Arkansas State Fair

Snell's Angels H Passion Flower                 6-24-11
Sire: Winchester Henry VIII
     Sire's Sire:Winchester General  87VEE
     Sire's Dam: Winchester Beth   87 VEEV
Dam: Snell's Angels HoneySuckle
    Dam's Sire: *B Two-Ceders Warren 
   Dam's Dam: Vantasias Moo Kau

2012 AR State Fair premier Lamancha Exhibitor and Breeder

2011 AR State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show. Harmony Goats KG Bootalicious

2010 AR State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show. Rockin-CB RZEE Amber

2010-2012 AR state Fair Premier Exhibitor and Breeder for Grades

2011 AR State Fair Lamancha Premier Exhibitor