"May the sweet melody ring into your heart"

Harmony Goats

Lamancha, Saanen, and Experimental Dairy Goats
 DHIR, LA, and Show,  CAE Negative

                                                           Term and Conditions                                                           
We reserve the right to retain any kid born, that would be beneficial in our breeding program.

Pricing: The prices listed are for pre-ordered kids only that are picked up or shipped. We do not guarantee prices on kids ordered after birth.
Discount: Discounts may apply for 4-H/FFA, Multiple purchases, herds that do DHIR, LA, Show.

Deposits: To reserve a kid, a $50 deposit per kid is required. Please include a first and second choice kid with your deposit.
              To reserve a milker or an adult buck a $100 deposit is required.

Refunds: Refunds will be given if your choices of kids are not born. NO refunds on cancelled orders. If neither of your choices of kids are born, you may also choose to transfer to another kid, if available or hold it over for the following year.

Shipping: All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Those costs will include the airfare, a health certificate and delivery to the airport ($50 delivery fee). Kids will be shipped from Little Rock, AR Airport. We can furnish the crate to ship your kid for the price of the crate.

Delivery: We can deliver most of the animals sold to shows that we attend. Also if we are traveling then we might be able to haul kid(s) with us.

Payment:   The balance of you kid order is due within 3 weeks after notification of birth. If the balance is not paid in that time period, and other arrangements have not been made, the kid may be offered to another buyer and the deposit is forfeited. Balance must be paid in full before shipping.
                   The balance of the milker or adult buck is required when they get picked up.